Powersoft T604

 Powersoft T604

€ 55,00 per dag

The T Series is Powersoft’s newest addition to its touring line of amplifier platforms, designed to deliver cost-effective, high-quality performance loudspeaker processing. Available in both 4-channel and 2-channel, both versions support channel powers from 750 W to 3,000 W.

In addition to analog, the T Series includes AES3 and Dante™ by Audinate® inputs, which are optimized for daisy-chained distribution of 2-channel audio to multiple amplifiers with no need for external switches or splitters. The T Series also allows remote control and advanced signal processing abilities through Powersoft’s ArmoníaPlus, plus onboard DSP..

T 604: 4×1500 Watt

Labgruppen LAB1200C

 LABGruppen LAB1200C Quatro

€ 40,00 per dag

Lab 1200C

  • 4  370 W into 8  4  380 W into 4  at clip level with four channels driven
  • Compact design, 2 U high (88 mm)
  • Low weight
  • MLS switch offers full power in 8 or 4 ohms without increased power losses
  • Electronically balanced inputs
  • LED indicators show output voltage and headroom
  • Independent protection circuitry
  • ALSTM short circuit protection manages long-term short- circuit operations
  • VHF protection
  •  DC protection
  • Output cooled by Inter- cooler®
  • Two proportional speed fans
  • Clip limiter